Your benefits at the Feldenkrais Institut Wien

The Feldenkrais Institut Wien is the only Austrian Feldenkrais training venue open all year round.
At FI Wien you will meet our dedicated team and you will also benefit from the service we provide:

1. Free classes - for 5 years
From the day you enrol in this Training Program until you graduate in 2027 you may participate in all of our weekly Awareness Through Movement classes free of charge.

2. Review Sessions
Assistant trainers Sascha Krausneker and Joy Ackwonu offer regular review sessions and mentoring for trainees at the institute.

3. Study Groups
In between segments the Trainees are welcome to meet once a week at the institute to study, practice and exchange their experiences. The equipment of FI Wien can be used.

4. Year-round infrastructure
Trainees may use our library all year round free of charge, wireless lan is provided.

5. Service
Before each training segment you receive written information on teaching times, trainers etc. The Feldenkrais Institut Wien is the only Austrian Feldenkrais training venue open all year round - and we are always here for you.


This Feldenkrais International Training Program is based on the educational materials developed by Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais. During the Training Program you will get acquainted with the written, audio and video materials. Trainees are encouraged to read his published books as well as further materials that are relevant for the learning topics. You will receive a reading list as well as a list of suggested teaching materials worth purchasing during the course of the Training Program. Any original material of Dr. Feldenkrais can be ordered and purchased by Trainees according to individual interest and focus:
Your personal equipment (Feldenkrais table, rollers, paddings) will be chosen and then purchased in a group order by the Trainees.

The Training Program of Feldenkrais Institut Wien offers all participants the audio recordings of all training segments. These recordings will be given to you free of charge as a service by the Feldenkrais Institut Wien. They are a comprehensive documentation of your training and can be very useful for practicing and further learning. In addition you will certainly profit from your own notes and sketches along with the recollections of your observation processes.