Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais

Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais

Moshé Feldenkrais (May 6, 1904 - July 1, 1984) was a physisist and judoka.
Triggered by a knee injury, Dr. Feldenkrais developed an interest in neurophysiology and developed the method named after him, a method of somatic learning. In the late 1960s he started teaching the method to the first Feldenkrais Practitioners. Until his death he taught in tel Aviv and was regularly invited to Central Europe and the US to present the Feldenkrais Method. In 1975 - 1978, he taught a Feldenkrais Training Program in San Fracisco and 1980 to 1982 in Amherst.

Biography in English:
A Life in Movement, by Mark Reese, 2015.
See http://feldenkraisbiography.com.

See also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feldenkrais.

“This is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen
for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.”

Margaret Mead

“Moshé Feldenkrais was a great friend of ours. His work, in our times,
is extremely important. He evolved the study of body movement more precisely and
more scientifically, I think, than any other of the schools of his contemporaries.”

Peter Brook