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The Feldenkrais International Training Program.

Weekly Feldenkrais classes in Awareness Through Movement.

A great variety of public workshops.

Advanced trainings for Feldenkrais Practitioners.

NEW! Child'Space Vienna

We mourn our dear friend and colleague David Webber

David Webber was a blind man who taught himself how to see again and became a visionary. He acquired a deep knowledge about seeing and vision and dedicated his time to sharing his Seeing Clearly Approach. We worked together for nearly a decade and enjoyed the warm friendship that developed.
David died after a long sickness on April 16, 2018 in Canada, cared for by his friends and family.
His patience, his warm kindness, his wisdom and his voice will be remembered.

Advanced Training 2017-18

The international Feldenkrais Training in Vienna: EARLY BIRD REDUCTION now!

The training with Dr. Chava Shelhav is almost fully booked.
Please apply NOW if you are interested.

Feldnekrais Trainer Donna Ray:

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