Joy Ackwonu (formerly Prutscher)

Joy Ackwonu

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer. Since 2012, she has been teaching groups and individual lessons in her own practice ( In 2016 she became full partner in the Feldenkrais Institut Wien OG.

With her background and studies in contemporary stage dance and social sciences, Joy enjoys working with different people of diverse origin and age.

Through many years of learning and working with David Webber, Joy Ackwonu has specialized on the topic of eyes and seeing clearly within the Feldenkrais Method. Another focus of her work is on babies and toddlers, and she has specialized on pelvic floor health, for example for women during/after pregnancy.

Workshops with Joy are offered at the Feldenkrais Institut Wien and for example at Impulstanz and Tanzquartier Wien, Tanzfestival M├╝nchen. By request she has also worked with choreographers and companies.

Contact Joy at any time:

Joy Ackwonu
Tel.: +43 (0)69919072806