The tuition per training day is € 132 (incl. 20% VAT). For 40 training days per year this amounts to a total of € 5,280 (incl. 20 % VAT) per year. The three training segments per year will be paid separately.

We offer scholarships to trainees from economically weaker countries. Please contact us for further information.

Your security – worldwide recognition

In Austria, the Feldenkrais Method® is not being taught as a university course, but as an education with the highest standards. The name is protected and the quality is closely monitored by international organizations with high requirements. Austrian Feldenkrais Practitioners are registered in a professional association, the Feldenkrais Verband Österreich (FVÖ).

The Training Program is internationally accredited and recognized by the European Feldenkrais Training and Accreditation Board (EuroTAB). That means that the syllabus, the way it is conducted and all Trainers are accredited and fully recognized by the EuroTAB.
The Training and your certificate are recognized by the Austrian professional association and fulfill all international standards. Your Viennese graduation certificate is recognized worldwide.

This educational program is accredited by the Austrian Weiterbildungsakademie Österreich with 16 ECTS.

Your opportunities – a rich variety

This four-year training will enable you to become a skilled, empathic and confident Feldenkrais Practitioner. You will know how to give group as well as individual lessons and open your own practice. You will be able to apply the method in a variety of contexts such as health care, pain treatment, physical rehabilitation, music etc. You will be fully qualified to work with movement professionals such as dancers or athletes and of course with all age groups – from children to elderly people. Apart from the health- and movement sector the method is especially enriching for people working in the pedagogical and educational field. After completion of the Training Program you can become a member of the Austrian professional association, the guild: Feldenkrais Verband Österreich.