The Team of Feldenkrais Trainers

Educational Director Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T.

Donna Ray is an internationally known trainer in Feldenkrais Training Programs in North- and South America, Japan and Europe. Donna is a psychotherapist and interpersonal neurobiology presenter and imparts knowledge and experience from her 30 years of practice with tremendous vitality and insight. Donna has worked with creative and talented people at the highest level including professional athletes, singers, musicians and actors. People of all ages recovering from accidents and illness, anxiety and depression benefit from her unique approach. She loves seeing people learn healthy ways of living that can transform their lives. Her students especially appreciate her warm presence, sensitivity and interdisciplinary competences.

Donna’s team is composed of highly experienced Feldenkrais trainers with outstanding knowledge:

Petra Camilla Koch, Germany

is a former physiotherapist. She received her training (1980 to 1983) from Moshe Feldenkrais in the USA and Israel. Since 1997 she is a Feldenkrais Trainer and has taught in the USA, in Mexico, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan and Australia. 2007 to 2010 Petra was the Educational Director in Wellington, New Zealand and since 2005 she is the Educational Director of Feldenkrais Trainings in Hamburg, Germany.

Alan S. Questel, USA

is known for his clarity, creativity and down to earth style of teaching while bringing a depth of understanding, humor and gentle human perspective to learning the Method. He was trained by Dr. Feldenkrais and is the author of "Creating Creativity", creator of "Pregnant Pauses – Movement for Moms", as well as many Feldenkrais CDs. He currently directs Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Roger Russell, USA/Germany

was trained by Dr. Feldenkrais and graduated in 1977. His research-oriented approach is outstanding: Roger is founding sponsor of the Feldenkrais Science Network and has been active in research projects on multiple sclerosis as well as movement development of children. He is author of several books and articles.
Photo credit Roger Russell: Barbara Hohenadl

Anastasi Siotas, USA

Anastasi Siotas is a Greek-Australian well known for his expertise in structural anatomy gained through studies and teaching in diverse fields such as marine cell biology, modern dance and biotensegrity. After moving to New York City in 1997 he studied at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, where he currently teaches Kinesthetic Anatomy. His unique approach to the Feldenkrais Method has been well received in the USA, Australia, China, Japan, Greece and Austria. Anastasi lives in NYC where he maintains a private practice.

Beatriz Walterspiel, Germany

After her university studies Beatriz experienced a variety of methods. She was educated in respiratory pedagogy (Prof. I. Middendorf) and movement work (Elsa Gindler) and between 1980 and 1983 she trained with Dr. Feldenkrais in the USA. Since then she has dedicated her professional life exclusively to this work and became a trainer in 1993. She has guided professional Feldenkrais Trainings in many countries all over the world, presently in Germany and Spain. Beatriz is known for her sensitive and precise way of leading a process of awareness and perception as well as independent thinking of her trainees.

Arlyn Zones, USA

graduated – like many others of the Vienna team – in 1983 from the last Training that Dr. Feldenkrais personally taught. Arlyn, who has a background in performing arts, has been a trainer since 1994 and is known for her especially lively teaching style. She has been active as a trainer on four continents.

Optimal support for your learning

The Feldenkrais Institut Wien provides an educational staff for each training segment that consists of one Trainer, two Assistant Trainers and two Training Practitioners. That means that a minimum of five members on the pedagogical team will be present at all times to support your ideal learning process. Assistant Trainers have a minimum of five, usually ten, years of professional experience and have been accredited by the European Feldenkrais Training and Accreditation Board.
Training Practitioners are Feldenkrais teachers who have had a professional practice for at least five years. During the Training Program they will be giving individual lessons in Functional Integration.
With the daily presence of such a large team we ensure that:

  • all Trainees receive the attention they want;
  • female and male teachers are present at all times;
  • teachers can respond to Trainees’ needs in both English and German;
  • a variety of teaching styles enriches your learning experience.

Your group – a resource

In your Training Program the group itself is an important aspect of your learning process: All Trainees practice with each other, give each other feedback and interact in the truly special learning atmosphere of a Feldenkrais Training Program. In the course of the four years you receive a minimum of 12 individual lessons in Functional Integration. These lessons are given by Trainers, Assistant Trainers or the Practitioners who are active within the training context. The lessons are an important part of your learning experience.